Never in your wildest dreams

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June 30, 2016 Dana 4 Comments

Wimbledon. The fortnight where the most accomplished players in tennis ascend on SW19’s grass courts for two weeks of thrilling shots, unbelievable upsets, and glory for the one man and one woman left hoisting the championship trophies. As someone addicted to all things tennis, I put much of my life on hold during the two weeks that any major championship is played. I revere the creator of the DVR, that magical device that lets me tape every moment of action from round 1 to championship point.

And sister, I watch it ALL.

My husband, also a tennis player, once asked me why I watch all the early rounds. The semi-final and final matches are enough for him. It’s because of that tiny phrase above …never in your wildest dreams. The early round action is where some of the most incredible stories unfold, where never in your wildest dreams can become reality. This year is a perfect example. Marcus Willis, a 25-year old Brit living at home with his parents and ranked #772 won 6 qualifying matches and a first round in the main draw to garner a chance to play Roger Federer on Centre Court. He almost quit the sport in February to take a coaching job in Philadelphia, but his new girlfriend convinced him to continue.

Never in your wildest dreams.

I’m sure this phrase must have passed through his mind on his walk to the most hallowed ground in tennis, as he came out of the tunnel, and stepped foot on the green grass of Centre Court. Never in his wildest dreams playing in pre-qualifying would Marcus Willis have thought he would be there. Even though he eventually lost to Federer, it was clear to all that Willis enjoyed the journey smiling through his pre-match interviews, joking with the press, grinning during the warm up, acknowledging the crowd who stood so firmly behind him, and lingering on court to sign autographs and take photos with fans.

It is stories like these that remind me that dreams, even our wildest ones, can come true.

We should never censor those ambitions however lofty they may seem. As I start the process of writing my first novel, I will keep this inspiration in mind. I will enjoy the writing of each chapter, the unfolding of the story, the editing process, and all that follows. I will be present in the moment and relish the journey. For we have all seen never in your wildest dreams come true.

New York Times Best Selling Author. Never in your wildest dreams.

What have you dreamed might never happen to you? Would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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    1. Thanks Dawn! I’m so proud of you for finishing your first book and starting on your second. You are an inspiration to me! 🙂

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